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Looking for a used vehicle with low miles? Silsbee Toyota offers a full inventory of pre-owned vehicles that are just like new! Whether you’re looking for a stylish Cadillac, the ruggedness of a RAM truck, or the dependability of a Toyota vehicle, you’ll find a full inventory to choose from at our Southeast Texas dealership. Stop by today to get a firsthand look at everything our used vehicle inventory has to offer.

Low Mileage Cars in Silsbee, TX

Silsbee Toyota has provided Beaumont, Woodville, Orange, and surrounding areas with high-quality used cars with low mileage for many years. Even though these cars, trucks, and SUVs were pre-owned, they undergo a thorough, multi-point inspection to ensure they meet our standards before we offer them to customers. Silsbee Toyota believes it’s important to provide a great selection of used cars with low mileage, so you can purchase a used car that is like-new but without having to budget for a brand-new vehicle. With an extensive selection of used cars, SUVs, and trucks across many makes, models, and trims, we will help you find the perfect vehicle for your commute around Silsbee, Beaumont, and surrounding areas. Stop by today and browse our selection of low-mileage cars for sale!

Nearly New Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Used Cars Cost Less? (And Not Just on the Sticker Price)

Of course, the best-known fact about used trucks, cars, and SUVs is that they’re far cheaper than new models for pretty much the same car. However, by buying a used Toyota SUV, truck, or car, you’ll save far more than on the day of your purchase.

Since used cars cost less, whatever cash you have on hand as a down payment will make up a bigger portion of the purchase price, meaning you’ll have lower finance payments and pay less in interest over the lifetime of the car. In addition, most jurisdictions charge registration fees based on the value of your car, meaning you’ll save there as well. Finally, you’ll be able to insure your car for less money, since it’s not worth as much as a new car of a similar make and model. Altogether, these will save you hundreds or even thousands over the life of the car.

Why do Used Cars Depreciate Less?

Perhaps the most surprising way buying a used car will save money is through its lack of depreciation. It’s almost a cliché that a new car loses nearly 15% of its value as it’s driven off the lot—but depreciation continues for about the first three years of ownership, and finally shaves around 30% of the value off of the car if you’d bought it new.

By buying a used Toyota or another quality vehicle, you can avoid most or all of that depreciation, meaning your car’s value will stay more stable over time. When you’re ready to trade your used car in or trade it up for a newer model, you’ll be able to regain more of your purchase price.

Are Used Toyotas’ Warranties Still in Effect?

New Toyotas come with a 3-year/36,000-mile Toyotacare comprehensive warranty, as well as a 60-month/60,000-mile powertrain warranty. Most of the time, those warranties will transfer to a second owner, so if you buy a three- to five-year-old Toyota, it should still have a warranty in effect for you to save money on repairs.

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